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Robotics at La Salle College High School

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La Salle Robotics offers all students at La Salle College High School a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experience through our freshmen and upperclassmen robotics teams. Both the freshmen and the upperclassmen robotics teams are designed to ensure that every participant will have an educational and engaging journey. No experience is necessary to participate!

  • Students work in teams to design, build, and program small robots to compete against local schools.​

  • Robots are designed and tested by students.​

  • Students travel together to competitions at the end of the robotics season.​

  • Students learn the fundamentals of engineering and are introduced to industry-standard computer programs such as AutoCAD.​

  • Students learn to manage their time and plan for unexpected obstacles.​

  • Students are introduced to the business of robotics.

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Why Robotics?

While having experience in a cutting-edge robotics program on a student's college resume is appealing, there is even more to like when it comes to the expanding career opportunities within the technology sector over the next ten years.


There will be an annual growth rate of between 15 to 20% in robotics revenue by 2028 (Robotics Tomorrow)


88% of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure (McKinsey)

Valuable Academic and Life Skills

The robotics offerings at La Salle College High School are designed to foster the success and learning of students through the adaptive application of science and technology. All of our robotics experiences feature group environments that promote teamwork and critical thinking to solve complex problems. Students learn to apply mathematical concepts to designs and prototypes and manage their time throughout weeks and months of robot experimentation. Robotics participants not only obtain priceless technological skills that will prove beneficial in the twenty-first century, but learn to become better students. 

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Time Management

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Critical Thinking

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Gracious Proffessionalism

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Business Experience

Participating in the La Salle Robotics program is an opportunity for students to learn and partake in the business of robotics. All aspects of the robotics program at La Salle College High School are student-run, including fundraising, sponsor relations, multimedia, web communications, and budgeting. Additionally, students have the ability to hold leadership positions and make important financial decisions for the entirety of the program.  

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