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Explorer Robotics


FRC Team 5181

La Salle Robotics is proud to offer an extensive FRC experience to upperclassmen at La Salle College High School. On FRC Team 5181, students design and build a fully functional FRC robot that competes in multiple local and regional competitions throughout the year.  Members of Explorer Robotics work together to learn the physics behind robots, install sensors and electrical equipment, build drivetrains and lift systems, and eventually program the robot. As a program, Team 5181 works to promote STEM to students in our school and throughout our community.

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Why FRC?


of FRC students gained or improved teamwork skills


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Community Outreach

At La Salle Robotics, community service provides a fulfilling culture that is superior to even the best engineering experiences. For all of the teams that compose the La Salle Robotics program, outreach is viewed as sharing our profound passion for robotics and collaboration with our community. The cornerstone and pride of our service program, no doubt, is our ongoing community events. From our variety of camps and service programs to the foundation of our many teams, La Salle Robotics is able to successfully bring STEM interest into the students and young people of our community.

As part of our initiative to make an impact in the broader community EXPLORER runs many camps and community events. We regularly help Cub Scout Pack 128 through an aluminum recycling program to raise funds while decreasing our environmental waste. Each summer, Team 5181 also hosts weeklong STEM summer camps. These camps give students a prolonged opportunity to exercise skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and the iterative process. These camps have two focuses: rocketry, and LEGO Robotics. In our rocketry camp, students work in teams to design model rockets and launch them. In our LEGO robotics camp, students spend the week working through our own custom LEGO robotics curriculum, and then compete in an obstacle course, competing to earn the most points. These camps have been an integral part of our team's efforts since the start, with hundreds of young students benefitted. 

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In the La Salle Robotics Program, every student is dedicated to not only promoting science and technology but inspiring innovators and leaders that will foster the values of FIRST®.

Kevin White
Student, Class of 2023
Thomas Eble
Vice President of Outreach
Student, Class of 2023
Jack Barna
Vice President of Hardware
Student, Class of 2023
Christopher White
Vice President of Business Development
Student, Class of 2023
Rick Conner
Vice President of Mechanical Operations
Student, Class of 2024
James Soley
Vice President of Technical Strategy
Student, Class of 2023
Pratham Patel
Vice President of Public Relations
Student, Class of 2023
Evan Comiciotto
Vice President of Software
Student, Class of 2024
Leadership Team
R. McDowell
FRC Moderator, FTC Moderator
V. Patel
FRC Moderator, FTC Moderator
P. Rose
FRC Moderator