FIRST Tech Challenge

La Salle Robotics currently supports three FIRST Tech Challenge teams, Voyager, Pathfinder and Odyssey. At the high school level, freshmen begin their journey in our robotics program by participating in one of the two 9th grade FTC teams. They attend two competitions each year and are introduced to the core principles of STEM through robotics. This year, we are excited to have created team Odyssey which is open for all upperclassmen to participate. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, La Salle Robotics has continued to deliver a quality robotics experience through our FTC program.

La Salle Robotics FTC

After a successful year of our three FTC teams engaging in remote competitions, La Salle Robotics is excited for the 2021-22 FTC season which we hope will bring the fun and competitive nature of in-person robotics back! Each year La Salle Robotics welcomes many students into our expanding FTC program and introduces them to STEAM and engineering fundamentals. Our teams begin their group meetings in October and work throughout January and February to build and program functional and competitive robots. 

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Upcoming 2021-22 Season

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Looking Ahead

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FIRST® Tech Challenge Season Game

Grades 7-12


Transportation-inspired robot challenges

Transportation drives us forward, impacting economies around the world and making us all more globally interconnected. In our 2021-2022 robotics season, FIRST® FORWARD presented by Qualcomm, our teams have the power to reimagine a path forward and invent the future of transportation.

Want to get involved?

It's easy! 

Contact one of our FTC coaches to see how you can get involved in our program. Our teams start their seasons in October and work through March. FTC robotics is fun, friendly, and requires no prior robotics experience!

Season Recap

"Like every robotics team, our team faced many challenges. Nearly all of these challenges stemmed from the lack of applicable experience within our groups, as nobody on either team had any experience in FTC and only a few had previously done robotics at all. It would have been easy for anyone to become confused or for the team to dissolve into a disorganized mess the moment a roadblock was hit since nobody knew any workarounds. However, we were able to overcome this lack of experience by planning everything out and having everyone know what they had to do."

Sebastian (Team 11319 Voyager)

R. McDowell
FRC Moderator, FTC Moderator
V. Patel
FRC Moderator, FTC Moderator
T. Barna
FTC Moderator

Registration for FTC will open at the beginning of the upcoming school year.