Robotics at La Salle College High School

An innovative path to excellence and creativity.

La Salle Robotics offers all students at La Salle College High School a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experience through our freshmen and upperclassmen robotics teams. Both the freshmen team and the upperclassmen team are designed to ensure that every participant will have an educational and engaging journey. No experience is necessary to participate!











Freshmen Robotics

  • Students work in teams to design, build, and program small robots to compete against local schools.

  • Robots are designed and tested by students.

  • Students travel together to competitions at the end of the robotics season.

  • Students learn the fundamentals of engineering and are introduced to industry-standard computer programs such as AutoCAD.

  • Students learn to manage their time and plan for unexpected obstacles.

  • Students are introduced to the business of robotics.

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Upperclassmen Robotics

  • Students work to build and program an industrial-grade robot that competes in regional competitions. 

  • Robots are designed using advanced computer software and 3D modeling programs.

  • Students are immersed in the business aspect of robotics as they raise money and budget their expenses.

  • Students produce multimedia content, including weekly update videos, that promote the team's progress.

  • Students work with advanced power tools and machinery.

  • Students form strong relationships with their peers through community outreach initiatives.

Students learn:

Time management

Critical thinking


Gracious Proffessionalism

Business skills

“[Robotics] helps inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, and technology; to endow them with the time-management and prioritization skills that will make them successful competitors in any field; and to develop in them the collaborative spirit that will make them a success in any interpersonal endeavor. These characteristics are shared by many great students, and thus many great MIT applicants, and so the subset of students who participate in robotics and those who enroll at MIT intersect comparatively often.”

- MIT Admissions Office

Why robotics?

While having experience in a cutting-edge robotics program on your college resume is appealing, there is even more to like when it comes to the expanding career opportunities within the technology sector over the next ten years.

There will be an annual growth rate of between 15 to 20% in robotics revenue by 2028 (Robotics Tomorrow)

88% of businesses worldwide plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure (McKinsey)

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Freshmen robotics is underway! Get involved by attending the weekly meetings.