April 3-11, 2021

National Robotics Week

La Salle Robotics has continued to promote and provide quality robotics experiences to students and young people for over eight years. Our program is not only built for students, but also created and run by students. 

10 Robotics Teams Created

La Salle Robotics has created 10 FIRST robotics teams since the beginning of our program in 2013. We plan to continue promoting science and technology to students through the creation of many new teams in the years to come.

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3 Robotics Classes

In our journey to make robotics and engineering education more accessible, La Salle Robotics had successfully designed and implemented 3 high school robotics classes into La Salle College High School. Our classes cover the principles of engineering, STEM, introductory-level robotics, as well as programming and computer aided design.

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From 2016 through 2020, 81% of La Salle Robotics alumni pursued a STEM field in college or in the workforce. Our program continues to prepare students for a world becoming more reliant on science and technology.

81% of Graduates Pursue STEM Fields in College

*From 2016-2020 La Salle Robotics Graduates from  La Salle College High School


La Salle Robotics has 12 sponsors who are proud to help us fulfill our mission of inspiring young people to be leaders and innovators in an ever-changing world. Anyone is welcome to become a sponsor, to learn more about sponsorship, visit our Become a Sponsor page.

12 Committed Sponsors