Our Sponsors

La Salle Robotics is fortunate to have twelve sponsors who contribute to our constantly expanding robotics experience. Our sponsorships our divided into four levels; Explorer Sponsors, Platinum Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, and Blue Sponsors. From the various donations made to our program, La Salle Robotics has raised over $25,000 in the 2020 season. Our sponsors are listed below.


Sponsoring La Salle Robotics is an opportunity to help us inspire students from elementary school through high school to become involved in science and technology through our many robotics teams. A sponsorship not only supports our teams at La Salle College High School, but all of the teams we have created.

Teams in the La Salle Robotics Program

FRC Teams (Grades 9-12):

  1. Team 5181 - EXPLORER

FTC Teams (Grades 7-12):

  1. Team 11319  - VOYAGER

  2. Team 11540  - PATHFINDER

  3. Team 18790  - ODYSSEY

FLL Teams (Ages 4-16):

  1. Team 39143 - AUTOBOTS

  2. Team  23453 - Pretty Princesses

  3. Team 15189 - Unique Unicorns

  4. Team 47519 - ROBO-MC

  5. Team 46633 - Wild Bots (Blue)

  6. Team 50397 - Wild Bots (White)